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Author, Publisher: Keleti Sanon

Keleti Sanon arrived from Africa with no common language, no family and nowhere to go. Twenty years later, he is a college graduate two times over, a professional aircraft mechanic  and a man with a passion for bringing Africans and African-Americans closer together.

In his years driving a cab on the streets of New York City and traveling the country with United Airlines, Sanon realized that much more than a hyphen seperated African from their black cousins. Myths, media and misunderstanding on both sides kept those African descent in America from celebrating their culture.

After being asked by a non-Black person how he felt about American blacks being called African-American when they know nothing about Africa, Sanon determined to share the gift of Africa with his cousins so that no one would ever have to ask him such a thing again.


Another Chance, Maybe The Last

Another Chance, Maybe The Last is an insightful book that shares some of the common beliefs and misconceptions among Africans and African-Americans. It not only tells of the history of Africa but gives insight into the journey from Africa to the U.S. and helps encourage our youth to share the truth about our connection.

Through the pages of this book, I introduce you to the importance of embracing your culture, your heritage in order to develop your true identity and to connect from which you came.

It is true that no man is an island. We do not exist just within ourselves. We are made up of those who came before us. The history of our existence is vital to understanding how we fit in the world and how we fit with another. Another Chance, Maybe The Last illustrates Africa’s history, the painful journey of slavery, the ramifications of slavery, and how parts of our history has disconnected us – from ourselves, from our people, and from our country.

To fully embrace who we are as a people, we need to KNOW one another as a people, and that’s a main purpose behind the creations of this book. It is important for my African American cousins to know about the culture of Africa – how we value family, relationship, children, education, finances, and more.


What began in tragedy has become a great triumph of love, family, and purpose.

Bamo Toure’s story began before he was born. The heart and hopes of Diaka, his mother, were shattered when a romance ended in a cruel dismissal. Alone and pregnant, Diaka is disowned by her father. After spiraling into a deep depression, she travels from the metropolitan city of Abidjan to the rural village of Oume where she finds her calling as a teacher. Then tragedy strikes…

Though Bamo loses his mother at an early age, her legacy continues, and the love for Bamo, son of Diaka, is demonstrated over his childhood as he moves from home to home, living with many mothers, proving the African adage, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

After growing up in Oume, Bamo leaves the Ivory Coast to continue his education in the United States. An unlikely friendship, social media fame, and the realization of his purpose brings Bamo back to Oume with resources to help the village he loves so much. The Adventures of Bamo is an emotional novel about the strength of the human spirit and the undeniable power of purpose.

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